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1972 - Bachelor of Music, Indiana University, Bloomington.

1977 – master of ethnomusicology, University of Washington, Seattle.The first zone of concentration: Japan and East Asia.Second: Eastern Europe and the countries of the former USSR.

1986 - Ph.D. PhD in Ethnomusicology, University of Washington, Seattle. Dissertation: Peasant musical ensembles in Poland: cultural history.

Academic positions

1984-1985 Visiting Associate Professor at Oregon State University.
1986-1987 Visiting Associate Professor, Colorado College, Colorado Springs.
1987-1988 Visiting Assistant Professor, Dartmouth College, Hanover, New York.
1988 – research fellow at Harvard University.
Studies of the 19th and early 20th centuries, ethnographic and musicological sources from the Ukrainian, Polish, Belarusian and Russian lands
1988-1989 Visiting Associate Professor, Wesleyan University, Middletown, Connecticut.
1990 – visiting associate professor at Harvard University
1990-1992 academic coordinator of the Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute.
1992-1994 Research fellow at the Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute
1993-1994 teacher, Kyiv State University, Ukraine
1994-1996 teacher, Kyiv Conservatory of Music named after P. I. Tchaikovsky
1995-present, co-founder of the Center for Oral History and Culture Research, a non-profit organization registered in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Field research and expeditions

1974-1975 Shakuhati (Japanese flute) lessons with master musician from Tokyo, Araki Kodo
1980-83 Field and archival research in Poland for doctoral dissertation; including recording field notes and collecting oral stories (200) of elderly village musicians
1989-1999 Field and archival research in Ukraine on regional rural music of the past and the previous; as well as research into the social and musical history of blind rural musicians (kobzars and lyre players);
1990 – Field work in Moldova in villages among different groups: Ukrainians, Romanians and Roma
1990 – research in Poland on the structure of state music patronage; interviews with officials of the Ministry of Culture and other representatives of the state bureaucracy on issues of art and social sciences
1990 - Archival research in Slovakia on the history of Slovak and Ukrainian ethnomusicology.
1992 – fieldwork in the state of Philadelphia among Hutsul (Ukrainian) American musicians

Selected publications

1984 - "Regional peasant music and changes in rural performance in the 19th century. Practice in Poland". Pacific Review of Ethnomusicology 1:71-85.
1989 - "Musical context in the cultural history of rural Poland".
East European Quarterly 23(1):1-16.
1991 - "Old village musicians of Ukraine" Genealogy 1:37-41.
1991 - "Musical institutions and national consciousness among Polish and Ukrainian peasants" In Stephen Blum et al, eds. Ethnomusicology and Modern Music History. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 139-158.
  1991 - "Economics of musical patronage among Polish and Ukrainian peasants before 1939". Ethnomusicology 35(3):349-379.
1993 – "Parallel culture in Ukraine during Stalinism"
Pedigree 5:37-41.
1993 – “The Social Role and Economic Status of Blind Peasant Minstrels in Ukraine. [The social role and economic status of blind peasant minstrels in Ukraine]. Harvard Ukrainian Studies 17(1/2):45-71.
1994 - "Cultural Contact Though Music Institutions in Ukrainian Lands, 1920-1948." In Margaret Kartomi and Stephen Blum, eds. Musical Cultures in Contact: Convergences and Collisions, (Australian Studies in the History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Music, 2). Sydney: Currency Press, 204-219.
1994 - "The Role of Szlachta and Peasant in the Development of Regional Village Music Practices" Heart of the Nation: Polish Literature and Culture (Volume III of the proceedings from the Fiftieth Anniversary International Congress of the Polish Institute of Arts and Science of America). New York: East European Monographs Series and Columbia University Press.
1995 - "Cylinders Kyiv: Folklife Center Restores Ukrainian Minstrelsy" "Kyiv cylinders: Folklife Center restores Ukrainian minstrelsy". Library of Congress Information Bulletin 54/4:78-79.
  1997 – “Selecting Partners: Questions of Personal Choice and Problems of History in Fieldwork and Its Interpretation.” [Choosing partners: Issues of personal choice and problems of history in fieldwork and its interpretation] In Tim Cooley and Gregory Barz, eds. Shadows in the Field. New Perspectives for Fieldwork in Ethnomusicology. Oxford University Press, 163-187.
1999 - "TRANSFORMATION OF CIVIL SOCIETY. Oral History of Ukrainian Peasant Culture of the 1920s-30s" Kyiv: Oral History and Culture Research Center / RODOVID, 559 p.
2000 - "Ukraine"; article in The Garland Encyclopedia of World Music, vol. 8. Europe. Timothy Rice, ed. New York: Garland Publications, p. 806-825.
2023 – The Transformation of Civil Society

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